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Vintage Slides & Parts

Do you need parts for your Vintage 1911 or 1911A1 slide then this is where to look.  Firing pins, firing pin blocks, extractors sights, this is the place.

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Remington UMC Slide Wanted to Buy Remington UMC Slide Wanted to…

  • Publish Date: Jul-29-15

Need a Remington UMC slide for my RIA 1911. Does not have to be perfect, just serviceable and min. pitting

Need a Remington UMC slide for…

USGI National Match Top End Colt Drake Triangle USGI National Match Top End…

  • Publish Date: Jun-20-15
  • Price: $1,000.00

Selling a really rare and excellent condition real USGI National Match 1964-65 Top End.  Includes Drake 7791435 Slide, Triangle "U.S." marked rear sight, Colt NM 7267717 barrel(frame serial 1106400 stamped on barrel), and NM 7267718 barrel bushing.  Slide…

Selling a really rare and…

Need Remington UMC Slide Need Remington UMC Slide

  • Publish Date: Jun-19-15

I have all parts for a Remington UMC but the slide.  Does not need to be in collector grade condition but prefer it not be pitted. Arsenal refinish or parkerized is fine as my frame is this way. One line or two what ever you have but the SN is later I…

I have all parts for a…

Colt 22 Conversion kit Colt 22 Conversion kit

  • Publish Date: Apr-22-15
  • Price: $450.00

Here is a late 40's Colt 22 conversion kit for your 45 or even your 38 Super I believe. it is not a pristine new in the box unused kit but it is a genuine 60+ year old piece of history you can take out and enjoy by yourself or with the family. What you…

Here is a late 40's Colt 22…


  • Publish Date: Apr-10-15

I have an early Colt M1911 slide and a RR A1 slide....looking to trade for a SA M1911...looking for stuff for a 74,6XX SA Pics on request. Thanks Brad

I have an early Colt M1911…

H S barrel (High Standard) H S barrel (High Standard)

  • Publish Date: Feb-01-15
  • Price: $249.00

For sale is a H S  High Standard barrel for post WW1 colt 1911s Interior looks good, see the photos Asking $249   make me an offer

For sale is a H S  High…

WTB barrel bushing for 1943 Ithaca. WTB barrel bushing for 1943…

  • Publish Date: Jan-26-15

Looking for a used barrel bushing for a 1943 Ithaca. Trying to match up the wear from the original finish. Don't want n.o.s. I have a blue modern one on at this time.

Looking for a used barrel…

ww1 / ww2 1911 Parts ww1 / ww2 1911 Parts

  • Publish Date: Jan-22-15

Want to buy vintage 1911 parts. One piece or a 100.

Want to buy vintage 1911…

WTB 1925 Commercial Barrel WTB 1925 Commercial Barrel

  • Publish Date: Jan-18-15

Looking for a barrel for a commercial 1925 model, will be marked like the one in this photo.

Looking for a barrel for a…

WTB 1930 Commercial Barrel WTB 1930 Commercial Barrel

  • Publish Date: Jan-18-15
  • Price: $1.00

Looking for a 1930 Commercial barrel

Looking for a 1930 Commercial…



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