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Michael Sam Krause
Nov-17-14 0 Hits

I am looking for a period barrel for a 1911 Colt serial # 10,3XX made in 1912 to replace a "replacement" barrel. It should have an "H" which is the provisional inspection mark of Francis L. Hosme which is a vertical "H" sans serifs on the hood above the chamber. These barrels are blued. Details and illustrations can be found in the following books:

1. See Charles W. Clawson’s, Collector’s Guide to Colt .45 Service Pistols Models of 1911 and 1911a1, Third Edition. Page 104, bottom of page illustration titled, “From about serial number 6,500 to about 20,000” and “H without serifs”. 

2. Also see Joe Poyer's book, The Model 1911 and Model 1911A1 Military and Commercial Pistols (2nd Edition). Top of page 352 Table 8-1, (continued) "H" (SANS SERIF) SERIAL NUMBER RANGE 6,501 – 24,500 marked on barrel hood, vertical U. S. military contract only. Also Figure 8-1B, page 355. 

I can be reached at this email address or at 203-249-4876.


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