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Vintage Guns For Sale

Post your photos of your Vintage 1911s or 1911A1 for sale here. We like to keep to C&R 50 years and older and official reproduction Colt pistols.  All FFL rules apply.

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Colt 1911 (1918 Production) Colt 1911 (1918 Production)

  • Publish Date: Apr-13-15
  • Price: $1,800.00

Up for sale is a nice 1911 Officer's Model Colt in very good condition. I have been told that it may have been reblued early on sometime after WWI.  Comes with three vintage two-toned mags and 1943 St Paul Saddlery Co leather pouch. $1,800.00. Money…

Up for sale is a nice 1911…

Union Switch & Signal Union Switch & Signal

  • Publish Date: Mar-21-15

Looking to buy a Union Switch & Signal 1911 A1. Must be 100% correct or close. Also looking for one in 90% or better condition. Not looking to "steal it" but also don't want to pay a "kings ransom". If you have one for sale please contact me at:…

Looking to buy a Union Switch…

1916 And 1919 Argintine Colts 1916 And 1919 Argintine Colts

  • Publish Date: Oct-25-14

Here are the pics of the 1916 Colt Argentine. This one is the Model of 1916 of which 1000 were made by Colt and sent to the Argentine military.  I will be posting pics of the 1919 later.  Also, at some point I will be listing a Norwegian 1914.  Here are…

Here are the pics of the 1916…



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