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TYPE 1   Colt M1911                                         Issued to ca. #4,500

Pinned Base Plate, 2-Tone*, Lanyard Loop, Base Plate Edges Exposed

              Seamless tubing, 5 witness holes, 2 rivets

Type 1A                heat blue after tempering, ONE tone*

Type 1B                cyanide hardened to top 1”

Type 1C                                cyanide hardened below magazine catch

******                                Last pistols shipped w/Type 1 magazine ca. June 22, 1912



TYPE 2   Colt M1911                                         Issued to ca. #4,501 – 42,000

                Pinned Base Plate, 2 Tone, Lanyard Loop, Punch & Slot hole in back

Seamless tubing, 5 witness holes, based plate edges covered, 2 rivets

Type 2A                NO indent to assist feeding past mag catch

Type 2B                indent to assist feeding past mag catch

*******             Last pistols shipped w/Type 2 magazines ca. August 16, 1913


                Pinned Base Plate, 2-Tone, Lanyard Loop

                Sheet steel folded & welded, 5 witness holes, base plate edges covered, 2 rivets

                Lanyard Loop, Back Sides of Feed Lips Rounded

                ********           Last pistols shipped w/Type 3 magazines ca. October, 1915


TYPE 4   M1911 & M1911A1                          Issued to ca. #124,567-629,500 & 700,000-735,000

                Pinned Base Plate, 2-Tone, NO Lanyard Loop, Type 1 spring

                Sheet steel folded & welded, 5 witness holes, base plate edges covered, 2 rivets

                Same as Type 3 Magazine but with no lanyard loop.

                Type 4A                Colt                                                        No Marking

                37 to ’41               Colt        Military, Full Blued           No Marking

                37 to ’41               Colt        Commercial, Full Blued  COLT/.45 AUTO.

                Type 4B                American Pin Co.                              “A”

                Type 4C                                Barnes&Kabert Mfg. Co.               “B”

                Type 4D                M.S. Little Mfg, Co,                         “L”

                Type 4E                                Risdon Tool & Mfg, Co.                  “R”

                Type 4F                                Remington Arms-UMC                  No Marking, Identified by short base plate,1.550”             

                Type 4G               Raymond Engineering                    “R” on bottom of base plate

                Type 4H               Ferro Stamping & Mfg. Co.          None Delivered

                Type 4I                 International Silver Co.                  None Delivered

WWI Contract Manufacturers_____________________________________________________________________________________________

                        *********                                             Last pistols consistently shipped w/Type 4 magazines ca. July, 1941 although      

                                                Some were still in use into 1942

                *Ordnance Dept. drawing dated Jan. 15, 1936 shows a revision to the pin channels on the top

                of the base plates.  The center section of the pin channels are milled away and the centers of

                the pins can be viewed when looking down through the top of the disassembled magazine.  All               

                WWI magazines had pin channels extending across the full width of the magazine.  They did not              

                Have the center sections milled out.


Springfield Armory

                Type 1                   Sheet steel welding at left corner, folded flange bottom, copper plated top,

                                                Cyanide heat treated to mag catch slot, Lanyard Loop

                Type 2                   Same as Springfield Armory Type 1 but NO Lanyard Loop

                *******             Last pistols shipped w/Springfield Armory magazines ca. 1917


Type 5   M1911A1            

Type 5A                Full Blued          

                41 to ’43               Colt        Military                 No Marketing    Pinned & sandblasted base

                41 to ’43               Colt        Comm/Military

                                                                Full Blued            COLT 45 AUTO   Pinned & sandblasted base

                                                Colt        Military                 No Marketing    Spot-welded base

                                                Colt        Military                 COLT 45 AUTO   Spot-welded base

                Type 5B                M.S. Little Mfg, Co.                         “L”          Pinned Blue

                                                M.S. Little Mfg, Co.                         “L”          Spot-welded base

                                                M.S. Little Mfg,Co for Colt            “C-L”      Spot-welded base

                Type 5C                                Risdon Tool & Mtg. Co.                  “R”         Pinned Base

                                                Risdon Tool & Mtg Co.                   “R”         Spot-welded base

                                                Risdon Tool & Mtg. Co for Colt   “C-R”     Spot-welded base

                Type 5D                Scovill Mfg. Co.                                 “S”          Pinned base

                                                Scovill Mfg. Co                                   “S”          Spot-welded base

                                                Scovill Mfg. Co for Colt                   “C-S”     Spot-welded base

                Type 5E                                General Shaver Div./Rem.

Rand (early)                                       “G”         Welded back,Pinned base

General Shaver Div./Rem.

Rand (later)                                        “G”         Welded back, welded base

____________________Note: General Shaver mags used 2 variations of followers

                Type 5F                                Singers Sewing Machine Co.                       Pinned, highly polished base



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