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This is where you can list or buy that special barrel you have or need and the associated parts for them.  WW1 WW2 or any Vintage 1911 over 50 years old.

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  • Publish Date: Feb-10-18

Looking for an Springfield barrel for sn range 116000, "S" on hood and RT lug, "P" on left lug, have parts to trade / cash. Thanks

Looking for an Springfield…

WTB Original Small G barrel Very good shape WTB Original Small G barrel…

  • Publish Date: Nov-19-17

Looking for a Original small G barrel for 1942 Colt 1911a1....would like it in vg shape blueing and bore and marked properly. Still looking top dollar paid for a original in very good shape....Thank you!!!!

Looking for a Original small G…

WTB Colt F Marked Barrel with British Proofs WTB Colt F Marked Barrel with…

  • Publish Date: Sep-05-18

Looking to purchase a Colt 1911A1 barrel with the F marking as well as British proofs. My current barrel is a High Standard so if you need it we can work out a deal if you’ve got the barrel I need.  

Looking to purchase a Colt…

WTB 1936 Colt NM barrel WTB 1936 Colt NM barrel

  • Publish Date: Oct-17-16

looking for a correct NM barrel for my 1936 Colt National Match. I believe there should be a circled MB stamp. UPDATE 12/2018: I have purchased a great barrel. Thank you!

looking for a correct NM…

WTB 1930 Commercial Barrel WTB 1930 Commercial Barrel

  • Publish Date: Jan-18-15
  • Price: $1.00

Looking for a 1930 Commercial barrel

Looking for a 1930 Commercial…

WTB 1925 Commercial Barrel WTB 1925 Commercial Barrel

  • Publish Date: Jan-18-15

Looking for a barrel for a commercial 1925 model, will be marked like the one in this photo.

Looking for a barrel for a…

WTB 1911A1 barrel, "P" stamped on left lug, "S" stamp or "7" on barrel below lug WTB 1911A1 barrel, "P" stamped…

  • Publish Date: Sep-11-18

Want to buy, 1911A1 barrel, "P" stamped on left lug, "S" or "7" stamped on barrel. Thanks and let me know what you have

Want to buy, 1911A1 barrel,…

WTB 1911 Spring field barrel with "J" on Stamped on hood WTB 1911 Spring field barrel…

  • Publish Date: Sep-11-18

Springfield 1911 barrel from serial number 102,597-107,596. This barrel should have S on the right lug, P on the left lug and J stamped on the hood. Thank you in advance

Springfield 1911 barrel from…


  • Publish Date: Jul-01-17

Looking for a Colt large G barrel for a 1943 mfg. pistol. Must be in excellent condition, original finish and excellent bore. Thanks. 

Looking for a Colt large G…

Wanted: Colt 1911 WWIComm'l barrel Wanted: Colt 1911 WWIComm'l…

  • Publish Date: Nov-13-14

WANTED: Colt 1911 WWI Commercial barrel with either no markings or an "S" forward of lugs.  Will pay top dollar for excellent condition.  Bob 931.761.5150

WANTED: Colt 1911 WWI…



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