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This is where you can list or buy that special barrel you have or need and the associated parts for them.  WW1 WW2 or any Vintage 1911 over 50 years old.

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Wanted: .455 Barrel Wanted: .455 Barrel

  • Publish Date: Dec-29-14

Looking for an original 1911 .455 webley barrel in any shape. Please contact me with price and photo.

Looking for an original 1911…

Need Colt Commercial Barrel 1921 Need Colt Commercial Barrel…

  • Publish Date: Jan-17-15

Want to buy barrel and link for 1921 Commercial 1911.  C128,000 range.  May have an S or a P forward of the lug with or without sub-inspector marks.

Want to buy barrel and link…

WTB 1930 Commercial Barrel WTB 1930 Commercial Barrel

  • Publish Date: Jan-18-15
  • Price: $1.00

Looking for a 1930 Commercial barrel

Looking for a 1930 Commercial…

WTB 1925 Commercial Barrel WTB 1925 Commercial Barrel

  • Publish Date: Jan-18-15

Looking for a barrel for a commercial 1925 model, will be marked like the one in this photo.

Looking for a barrel for a…

H S barrel (High Standard) H S barrel (High Standard)

  • Publish Date: Feb-01-15
  • Price: $249.00

For sale is a H S  High Standard barrel for post WW1 colt 1911s Interior looks good, see the photos Asking $249   make me an offer

For sale is a H S  High…


  • Publish Date: Oct-04-15

I am in need of a Colt .45 marked WWII 1911A1 barrel with the London Proof House markings. Picture of correct barrel markings I seek attached. Will pay stupid money. Please check your parts drawers - there's gold in them thar hills! Thanks.

I am in need of a Colt .45…

Colt small g barrel wanted Colt small g barrel wanted

  • Publish Date: Dec-26-15

Wanted to buy Colt small g barrel to purchase or trade for HS barrel with nice finish on ejection port showing. Would like one with some finish still showing on eject port! Please send pictures and price or call 8122164790. Thanks again and have a great…

Wanted to buy Colt small g…

Wanted: 1924 transitional barrel Wanted: 1924 transitional…

  • Publish Date: Jan-17-16

Looking for a 1924 transitional barrel. Interwined hp and a K stamp in front of lug. Thanks. Please inclunde your contact info if you reply.

Looking for a 1924…

Colt barrel H S Colt barrel H S

  • Publish Date: Jan-31-16
  • Price: $116.00

For sale is a WW2   High Standard (HS) barrel with bore in fair condition. Has a link.   Has 45 ACP scribed on to of hood Asking $116 include shipping

For sale is a WW2   High…

WTB: Barrel, link, and/or bushing for 1916 Colt Commercial WTB: Barrel, link, and/or…

  • Publish Date: Apr-23-16

Im looking for a correct barrel, link, and/or bushing for a Colt Commercial made in 1916. My email is Thanks!

Im looking for a correct…



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