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Brian R.
Aug-02-18 0 Hits

Looking for a Barrel posting the info I found for it here. The one currently in the gun is not the correct vintage. Probably replaced at some time. Gun was delivered to Springfield Armory on October 30, 1914. 
I have verified that all parts are original to the gun except the barrel  I want to bring it back to 100%.

Looks like I need a barrle with the top of the slide marked with a Gothic H and P, without markings on the rear of the hood, and no visible serifs. 

If I am mistaken please, feel free to set me straight. 

 "Colts from about serial #40000 to about serial #120000 will have barrels with no markings on the rear of the barrel hood, a Gothic “H” and a Gothic “P” (No serifs) on the area visible through the ejection port. However the barrel finishing has been changed from the previous range and the finish on the area visible through the ejection port is smooth and semi dull with finishing marks concentric to the barrel axis. Also about this time, the amount of metal remaining at the bottom of the slot that keeps the link at an angle to the axis of the barrel has been reduced but not eliminated as on most WWII barrels. Colts from about serial #120000 to about serial #400000 will have barrels similar to the barrels in the previous range (serial #40000 to serial #120000) BUT the Gothic “H” and a Gothic “P” (No serifs) on the area visible through the ejection port marking will be correctly oriented when the pistol is pointing Vertically and the barrel is viewed looking directly at the ejection port (See figure 1A)".

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