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Price : $250.00 Blair Millemon
May-09-14 0 Hits

I have a couple 1913 Colt 1911's in serial range 17,xxx that I need period correct barrels for. These would have the vertical H sans serif on the barrel hood. They don't have to be perfect but do need to be correct for my projects.

Early Colts from about Serial #500 to about serial #7500 will have barrels with a Roman “H” (with serifs) on the rear of the barrel hood (Roman type has serifs, the bars at the ends of lines, where Gothic type has straight block letters.)  The barrel hood is sometimes called the barrel extension. The lugs are machined with metal remaining in the front and rear of the slot, in such a way that the link will not fall lower than about 25 degrees from the axis of the barrel in the front, and in the rear so that the barrel will not be able to fit through the front of the slide if the link is to the rear.  Finishing marks visible through the ejection port are coarse scratches running parallel to the barrel axis with a blue/black matte non-reflective finish. Early Colts from about serial #7500 to about serial #19600 will have barrels with a Gothic “H” (No serifs) on the rear of the barrel hood.  Otherwise the barrels will be similar to barrels in the Serial #500 to serial #7500 range.

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