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I, (print name)

_________________________________________, understand and authorize Vintage

1911’s, their associates and consultants and other Vintage 1911s staff or

contractor or subcontractor to perform work on my firearm and any accessories

with my firearm. I certify that I am the owner of the firearm being presented

for technical service, refinishing evaluation, appraisal or other requested

activity.  Further, I agree to release,

indemnify, and hold harmless Vintage1911s, its employees, contractors,

associates or sub contractors from liability for any claims or damages of any

kind or damage that may arise from any firearm work performed on my firearm,

even if caused by negligence of/by Vintage 1911’s employees or agents. Vintage1911s

is not responsible for damage to any item stored on premises owned or operated

by Vintage1911s or caused by acts of God (tornados, floods, fire etc.)


Vintage1911s is not responsible for any damage or liability for

the use and storage or display of this pistol or firearm.  Collectively he

and Vintage 1911s, its contractors or associates are not responsible for any damage,

accident, criminal or civil infractions, legal ownership or state restrictions,

death or dismemberment caused by this pistol or firearm.  I release Vintage1911s,

and him and agree he is not responsible for any malfunction or discharge of

this pistol in any way means shape or form. There is no warranty or guarantee

expressed or implied or accepted by me as to the application, function or

suitability of this firearm in appearance or use.  All pistols and

firearms refurbished or refinished, sold, bartered, traded, exchanged or

returned to me the current owner are intended for ornamental purposes only and

accepted as such.


I understand that firearms

may be hazardous, with accompanying risks of personal injury, death, and/or

loss or damage to my property. In consideration of my delivery of my firearm(s),

to Vintage1911s that I, on my own behalf and that of my heirs, successors,

representatives, administrators and assigns, hereby:

1. Waive and completely release any and all, past,

present or future claims, causes of action, suits, rights, damages, costs,

expenses or obligations or demands of any kind whatsoever, I, or anyone on my

behalf might have against Vintage1911s, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries or

successor and their respective officers, directors, servants, employees,

agents, representatives and contractors (Vintage1911s) for any loss, damage,

personal injury, death and/or loss or damage to my property resulting from my

participation in any firearm ownership or activities;

2. Agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Vintage

1911s, from any and all claims by any person, firm, corporation or others, for

any damages, loss or claims, of any nature, arising in any way out of my

participation in owning this or any other firearm; and

3. Assume all risks associated with such activities

and all responsibility for medical expenses, costs and/or other obligations and

other losses or injuries to me or in which I may become involved, by reason of

my participation in such firearm owning at any time, place, facility,

residence, and business, inside or outside event.


You swear and attest

that you are not a convicted felon or currently charged with any felony.  You

do not have any domestic violence charges pending or history of same. You

are lawfully allowed to own a firearm. You absolutely agree that the use of

deadly force is only employed in situations where you are in great fear of

severe bodily harm/injury or death.  You

affirm you will keep this firearm locked and secured from access by anyone

other than the owner including other family members including children and those

with cognitive impairment.  You attest

this firearm is for ornamental purposes, it will be kept in clean and operable

condition and no modifications will be performed on it or to it at any time.


At all times when this

firearm is being displayed for ornamental purposes you and those viewing will

wear protective eyewear as most firearms are containing springs under high

tension.  You will never display this

firearm in bright sunlight, or inclement weather.  You will keep away from all electrical

sources and any source of liquids including but not limited to water, solvents flammable

or inflammable or noxious.  You will

never display this firearm while tired or distracted or under the influence of

any intoxicating substance including but not limited to prescription

medications, over the counter medications, alcohol in any form or delivery

medium including wine, beer or spirits. 

You will not be under the influence of intoxicating substances like

marijuana, opiates or fungal matter.


You agree to never

display this firearm in the presence of open flames, extreme temperatures, in

confined spaces or in a vehicle moving or not. 

You agree to wear protective clothing and gear such as gloves and hats

and to avoid displaying to anyone including yourself while naked or wearing

revealing clothing such as a plunging neckline that may catch hot brass from

someone else’s firearm that is not intended for ornamental use thereby possibly

experiencing burnt boob accidents.



I further certify that I am over eighteen [18] years of age and

have read and understand this Waiver of Liability and have executed this

instrument voluntarily on this date.


SIGN/ACKNOWLEDGE________________________________________        DATE______________________



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