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Bob Ellis
Oct-25-14 0 Hits

Here are the pics of the 1916 Colt Argentine. This one is the Model of 1916 of which 1000 were made by Colt and sent to the Argentine military. 
I will be posting pics of the 1919 later.  Also, at some point I will be listing a Norwegian 1914. 
Here are two rare Colt M1911 pistols.  The first one is known as the "Argentine Model of 1916" and the second one is the "Argentine Model of 1919".  These are not the Sistima pistols, they were made by Colt for the Argentine military in 1918 according to the serial numbers.  The 1916 model was on of 1000 that was shipped by Colt to Argentina via the London Armory.  The 1919 was one of 400 that was shipped by Colt to Argentina via London Armory. The only one that is more rare is the initial shipment of 321 pistols that was shipped in 1914.  Priced to sale: $3,750.00 each or $7,000.00 for both.

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