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How to write your ad How to write your ad

  • Publish Date: Jul-23-13

You can say more with less words and better photos.  If you use too much text or too many words, the ad may not load.  If that happens shorten your description, be concise.

You can say more with less…

How to add photos How to add photos

  • Publish Date: Jul-23-13

Very simple, save the photos you want to your desktop or photo file.  They can even be in a thumb drive or your camera if it is plugged into your computer.  Below the description box is the images browse section.  Click browse, then find your photos, open…

Very simple, save the photos…

More parts More parts

  • Publish Date: Jul-22-13

I have parts for your vintage 1911 frame, sears, disconnect, springs, MSH's, safeties, hammers etc.  Let me know what you are looking for I might have it. Price varies depending on component and plus shipping,

I have parts for your vintage…

I got slide parts I got slide parts

  • Publish Date: Jul-22-13
  • Price: $25.00

I have parts lots of vintage parts for your slide, springs, pins and block and barrels.  Let me know what you need I may have it. Price varies on component, plus shipping.

I have parts lots of vintage…

barrels barrels

  • Publish Date: Jul-21-13

Your photos are uploaded in fine detail like these.

Your photos are uploaded in…

Vintage 1911 magazines Vintage 1911 magazines

  • Publish Date: Jul-21-13

Here are some of my magazines.  You can post yours here to buy sell trade or swap.

Here are some of my magazines. …

cool gun site cool gun site

  • Publish Date: Jul-21-13

They can help identify pistol manufacture dates by serial number and help identify your pistol parts like these.

They can help identify pistol…



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