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Vintage slides for 1911 and 1911a1 pistols.

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Springfield Slide Springfield Slide

  • Publish Date: Apr-14-17
  • Price: $350.00

Original Springfield Slide.  Stripped, no internal components.  No pitting but finish flaking. Jack  910 612 2629

Original Springfield Slide.  …

Colt 1911 commercial slide Colt 1911 commercial slide

  • Publish Date: Jul-12-18
  • Price: $300.00

For sale is a colt 1911 commercial slide with the pony at the rear. Slide made for a commercial colt 1911 s/n C1-C130000. Slide has been cleaned as shown. Asking $300 jim at 386-427-9098

For sale is a colt 1911…

WTB 1914 Colt 1911 slide WTB 1914 Colt 1911 slide

  • Publish Date: Jul-29-18

Looking for a period appropriate slide for a 1914 Colt 1911 slide with original sights in worn, but good condition. Thanks all  

Looking for a period…

For Sale Remington UMC 1911 Slide For Sale Remington UMC 1911…

  • Publish Date: Sep-18-18
  • Price: $250.00

Complete slide with original finish. No rust or pitting. Don't know if firing pin assembly and extractor are original or not. I put slide on one of my 1911a1 frames and fired a couple of magazines. Fit and function was fine. Asking $250.00 plus $8.00…

Complete slide with original…

WTB Colt 1911 conversion kits 22L with original box WTB Colt 1911 conversion kits…

  • Publish Date: Sep-27-18

WTB Colt 1911 conversion kit 22L with original box. Thanks

WTB Colt 1911 conversion kit…

WTB 1944 colt slide WTB 1944 colt slide

  • Publish Date: Feb-24-19

Looking for 1944 or 1945 end of production slide

Looking for 1944 or 1945 end…

WTB period correct slide for 1918 manufactured Colt 1911 Army WTB period correct slide for…

  • Publish Date: Mar-05-19

Looking for possible options thank you.

Looking for possible options…

Slide United Switch and Signal Slide United Switch and Signal

  • Publish Date: Mar-08-19
  • Price: $500.00

Slide is in good condition with original surfaces. Has all the proper markings. Minor rust in the serrated grooves. Asking $500 or best offer   includes shipping Jim at 386-427-9098

Slide is in good condition…

WTB Remington 1911 slide for 1918 frame WTB Remington 1911 slide for…

  • Publish Date: Mar-10-19

Looking for a Remington 1911 slide serial #range 17500 to 18000 

Looking for a Remington 1911…

WTB 1945 1911a1 Colt slide WTB 1945 1911a1 Colt slide

  • Publish Date: Jun-22-19

I need a Colt slide for a 1945 1911a1. One that is parkerized would be great but I would take any, Contact me at

I need a Colt slide for a 1945…



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