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Vintage slides for 1911 and 1911a1 pistols.

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  • Publish Date: Apr-10-15

I have an early Colt M1911 slide and a RR A1 slide....looking to trade for a SA M1911...looking for stuff for a 74,6XX SA Pics on request. Thanks Brad

I have an early Colt M1911…

Slide for Colt WW2 made in 1938 Slide for Colt WW2 made in…

  • Publish Date: Aug-08-18
  • Price: $300.00

For sale is a WW2 Colt slide made in 1938 Surfaces are original. Right side markings are "M1911A1 U.S.Army" Bottom of slide markings include G 5 U and N No serial numbers under firing pin stop Markings are strong. Asking $300 includes shipping. Jim at…

For sale is a WW2 Colt slide…

WTB 1914 Colt 1911 slide WTB 1914 Colt 1911 slide

  • Publish Date: Jul-29-18

Looking for a period appropriate slide for a 1914 Colt 1911 slide with original sights in worn, but good condition. Thanks all  

Looking for a period…

WTS - Colt M1911 slide WTS - Colt M1911 slide

  • Publish Date: Jul-13-18
  • Price: $875.00

Want to sell a pristine Colt M1911 slide with Serifs, will be correct for late 1915 to late 1918, serial number range approximately 128,000 - to approximately 246,000.  This slide would be a great fit for a rebuild where the frame is in excellent…

Want to sell a pristine Colt…

Colt 1911 commercial slide Colt 1911 commercial slide

  • Publish Date: Jul-12-18
  • Price: $300.00

For sale is a colt 1911 commercial slide with the pony at the rear. Slide made for a commercial colt 1911 s/n C1-C130000. Slide has been cleaned as shown. Asking $300 jim at 386-427-9098

For sale is a colt 1911…

Slide Colt WW1 1913-1918 Slide Colt WW1 1913-1918

  • Publish Date: Feb-23-18
  • Price: $450.00

For sale is a WW1 Colt slide in mint condition that was manufactured for a colt 1911 made in 1913-1918. Marking of pony is at the rear without the circle. Slide has had the "Model of 1911 U.S. Army" removed by a previous owner. Asking $450 includes…

For sale is a WW1 Colt slide…

Springfield Slide Springfield Slide

  • Publish Date: Apr-14-17
  • Price: $350.00

Original Springfield Slide.  Stripped, no internal components.  No pitting but finish flaking. Jack  910 612 2629

Original Springfield Slide.  …

WTB 1911 Slide WTB 1911 Slide

  • Publish Date: Jan-27-17

Searching for a 1911 slide, 1918 commercial, for serial # 244xxx range, thanks!

Searching for a 1911 slide,…

WTB 1917 Commercial Slide WTB 1917 Commercial Slide

  • Publish Date: Sep-13-16

Looking for a Commercial Slide for a 1917. Please let me know if you have one you would like to sell.  Thank You Bill

Looking for a Commercial Slide…

Slide Colt WW2 sent ot England Slide Colt WW2 sent ot…

  • Publish Date: Aug-15-16
  • Price: $335.00

For sale is a Colt slide made for WW2 frame with s/n under firing pin stop of 926063. Has British Commercial marking of "NOT ENGLISH MADE" and British Crown with BV. Original surface.   No internals or rear sight. Made for 1911 a1 in 1943. Asking $335…

For sale is a Colt slide made…



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