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WTB: Early Colt 1911 Extractor WTB: Early Colt 1911 Extractor

  • Publish Date: Sep-28-13

Looking for an original extractor for a Colt 1911 (s/n 26XXX manufactured in 1913).  Should be in good condition without a broken hook.  Most important is the finish on the rear of the extractor.  It should have that "smokey blue" finish common to the…

Looking for an original…

WTB WWII Colt Barrel WTB WWII Colt Barrel

  • Publish Date: Sep-12-13

Looking for a nice Colt barrel to match a 1.1 million serial number frame.  The 45 I have has a HS barrel and I am looking to restore it before I give it to my son who turns 21 in a few months.  will have barrels with a Gothic  “COLT .45 AUTO” marking…

Looking for a nice Colt barrel…



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