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Steve M
Sep-14-15 0 Hits

I'm looking for a Colt repro front sight, part # SP55935, for a restoration of a 1917 commercial model I'm restoring. At some point in it's existence some previous owner lengthened the round tenon hole to accept a narrow tenon aftermarket front sight. This part will remedy that, however it's been discontinued and I can't seem to find one available. If anyone has one that they're willing to part with, I'm ready to buy. Thanks!

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Barrel Colt M1911 WW1 HP verticals

For sale are WW1 colt barrels  H P vertical   Type 4 I have numerous H P vertical barrels for sale. ONLY 4 REMAIN Prices are $200 to $325  depending on bore shape jim at  386-427-9098

Springfield Magazine -- for Springfield 1911 made from 1914 to 1916 Very rare

For sale is a WW1 Springfield magazine made for springfield 1911  1914 to 1916 Has lanyard. The sides of the clip body wrap under the base. Mag is in great shape. Asking $480. Jim 386-427-9098

Vintage 1912 Colt 1911 Barrel

I am looking for a period barrel for a 1911 Colt serial # 10,3XX made in 1912 to replace a "replacement" barrel. It should have an "H" which is the provisional inspection mark of Francis L. Hosme which is a vertical "H" sans serifs on the hood above the…

WTB 1911 Spring field barrel with "J" on Stamped on hood

Springfield 1911 barrel from serial number 102,597-107,596. This barrel should have S on the right lug, P on the left lug and J stamped on the hood. Thank you in advance

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